Bachelor of Arts Degree Joint Honours - BA (Hons) (NFQ Level 8)

Degree Structure

The two subject joint honours degree (DN500) is the most popular BA degree. To apply for this we ask you to choose two subjects on your CAO form and we guarantee that you can take these two subjects to degree level, if you want to. However we also give you the opportunity to study other subjects in first year, before you decide at the end of first year what two subjects you will take your degree in. Most students complete the BA degree in three years. Students taking an international year will complete in four years.

First year:

  • Study your two chosen subjects and at least one other (maximum of four in total).

Second & third year:

  • Study two of the subjects chosen in first year.

There are some opportunities to change to a single subject degree during second and third year.

What subject combinations can I choose?
  • Subjects are organised into six groups: A to F. The diagram below lists the subjects available in each group.
  • You can choose a maximum of one subject from any group.
  • You can choose three or four subjects in first year.
  • Continue with two of these subjects in second and third year.
How to apply for the BA (Joint Honours) DN500
  • Decide on the two subject combination that interests you, and that you think you would like to take to degree level.
  • Find that subject combination on the DN500 entry, available on the grid here. There is a three-letter code for each possible subject combination.
  • Choose that subject combination on your CAO application as your first preference, e.g. if you are interested in English and History, you put down DN500/ENH.
International Study Opportunities

We encourage you to spend an extra year at another university in Europe or further afield. There are many different opportunities available, in subjects as diverse as Mathematics, Music or Italian, and you will find details on the individual subject pages. When you complete your four year degree programme successfully you will be awarded a BA (International).

If you have already decided that you would like to spend a year abroad while studying modern European languages, then you can choose a four year degree programme. You combine your study of French, German or Spanish with another BA subject, taken from the subject groups above. When you complete your degree programme, you will be awarded a BA (International). Details of how to apply are on the relevant subject pages.

Other ways to apply for a BA degree

Single honours

If you want to focus on a single subject in your BA degree or take a special combination of subjects, then there are opportunities in Economics, English, History and Philosophy. You can also choose a professional degree programme in Planning, Geography and Environment, and in Psychology. You still take other subjects in your first year but you specialise in your chosen area in second and third year. Details are available on the pages for each subject.

Part-time study and mature years applications

The Joint Honours degree (DN500) can be studied on a part-time basis (DN501), offering the same full range of subjects and opportunities. Information is available from the BA Programme Office or www.ucd.ie/acshs.

There is a Mature Years entry pathway for applicants aged 23 years and over. You can download the Mature and Graduate Entry Pathways booklet from www.ucd.ie/myucd/mature. You apply for DN500/DN501 via the CAO in the same way as school leavers.

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