About UCD

University College Dublin is Ireland’s largest university, with a rich history spanning over 150 years, and a distinguished tradition of leadership in scholarship and society.

Its origins date back to 1854 when the great 19th century educationalist Cardinal John Henry Newman opened the doors of the Catholic University of Ireland. Newman’s ambition was to create a great European university that would attract world-class scholars and provide excellent education to Irish and international students.

Over 150 years later, UCD retains Newman’s educational ideals of opening young minds and educating students who will be leaders in society. UCD is committed to becoming one of the top thirty research universities in the European Union, where cutting-edge research and scholarship will create a stimulating intellectual environment, the ideal surroundings for learning and discovery.

The academic structure comprises 7 Colleges and 38 Schools and the university offers Ireland’s most comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate. Approximately 6,000 of the 22,000-strong student body are engaged in postgraduate study and research through the university’s five graduate schools and its institutes and centres.

The university’s undergraduate schools, sports facilities and student residences are housed on the 132-hectare Belfield campus, just 4km south of Dublin city centre. Excellent facilities include well-resourced libraries, state-of-the art labs and extensive computing facilities. Student health, welfare and counselling services are second-to none and there are superb opportunities for sports and recreation.